Monday, January 21, 2008

Obtaining examiners' reports

I received a letter from the ANU on Friday advising that my PhD has been approved. The reports of three examiners were enclosed, each recommending that the thesis be accepted without amendment—along with a few comments and suggestions. So I guess it’s a case of mission accomplished! I remain very grateful for all the support I have received during my candidature—from my principal supervisor and panel members, CEDAM staff and candidates, CIs, IPs and project team members, informants, respondents, bloggers, critical friends, partner … —the list is extensive indeed. Looking back, I have learned a great deal—as much about myself as my research topic—but have also become increasingly aware of how much I don’t know. I hope that in future I might be able to provide practical support to others engaged in the doctoral enterprise—whether at critical points (e.g. ‘hitting a wall’, ‘writer’s block’) or routine moments (e.g. ‘reflecting critically’, ‘contemplating possibilities’). It would be great to have the opportunity to offer something in return and in a way that is meaningful to the individual or group seeking input. If invited, I suspect my primary focus would be on listening and clarifying rather than offering advice—preferably in an informal context.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Undertaking Employment

Although my status has been full-time throughout my candidature, I did undertake two consultancies during the initial stages. The first was undertaken in 2004 and involved writing a paper for the National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership—now Teaching Australia. The second was in 2005 and involved input to the Review of the South Australian Certificate of Education. Both of these initiatives drew on knowledge and expertise developed prior to enrolling in a doctorate.

After submitting my thesis in October 2005 I have been engaged primarily in the writing of journal articles and a book chapter. I have also maintained my involvement in a small number of CEDAM
initiatives such as the development of a strategy for raising the profile of the Centre’s PhD program in the academic and wider community. However, on 2 January 2008 I commenced a three-month contract with CEDAM to assist with the initial implementation of a project funded by the Carrick Institute as part of the discipline-based initiatives scheme. The main task is to conduct a review of the literature on the development of generic and specific capabilities among HDR students.